My stats after one month of writing on Medium.

At the beginning of 2021 I hadn’t even heard of Medium.

I think I’ve always had a little creativity in me and over the past couple of years I’ve tried to find an outlet for it. I’ve tried streaming video games on Twitch, turned my hand to photography and also written one or two blogs for a couple of video gaming websites but Medium, never heard of it?

In January of this year (the 24th to be exact) on a cold Sunday morning I was up early getting ready to start work at 7am. It was a particularly frosty winter morning and rather than scraping and de-icing the car I took the unusual step of making another cup of tea, starting the car on the drive, and letting it warm up while I sat in the front window and waited for the ice to disappear.

And for some reason I opened YouTube. At the top of my usual suggested Nintendo Switch reviews, and Peter McKinnon videos was a young lady by the name of Shelby Church and the title “how much money I made from YouTube in 2020” Looking back I can’t think of a worse video to watch before a 10 hour shift on a cold dark January morning, non the less I clicked it anyway.

The beautiful Miss Church went through her various streams of income, starting with the smallest, Medium. She called it her surprise income and told how she made $24,774 in 1 year of writing on the platform, spending 1 to 2 hours on each article. I didn’t finish the video, I went to work but the it’s content stayed with me. At lunchtime I downloaded the app and started reading. Once I’d used my allotted free stories I signed up for a months free trail (going so far as to make a note in my phone of when I had to cancel.)

I’d written a couple of blog posts before but I certainly wasn’t a writer, was I?

With the back story out of the way here are the stats from my first month of writing on Medium.

I published my first article on January 25th, a small piece about the start of my video game history. Write, spell check, publish, done!

Since then I’ve done a lot more research.

In all during my first month I’ve published 10 articles, 3 self published and 7 through the video game publication Superjump.

In total my stories have been viewed an amazing 438 in 30 days!

Here are the individual stats, in the order they were published, for my 10 stories.

I am genuinely delighted with this. I didn’t think anyone would want to read my writing, I though perhaps I’d get 1 or 2 people glancing over them, but 438, amazing! One of my stories was clapped for over 100 times, I don’t know about you but this blows my mind!

I also made a grand total of $4.04. Again, i think this is amazing. I’ve read stories and seen YouTube videos where people haven’t made any money over the first month or two on Medium, or made 2¢ the first month and be on track to make 8¢ the second so I find my total staggering.

I’ve also achieved the status of top writer in the gaming category within my first month which I’m very proud of.

I would also like to say a massive thank you to James Burns and all at Superjump for not only publishing my stories, but also for the feedback and the warm welcome I’ve received from the community, thank you.

So one month in and I can say is thank you to everyone who read a story, clapped, commented and followed me. I’ve really enjoyed writing over the past month and think it’s fair to say I won’t be cancelling my subscription anytime soon.

Thanks for reading.

A veteran of many console wars. Rescuer of princesses, Slayer of demons, Drinker of tea.

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