source: Andrew Carrick

Last night I finished work at 22:30.

By the time I got home it was 23:00.

After a shower, to wash off the day, and a cup of tea to help me wind down, I closed my iPhone screen and started to drift off to sleep around 00:00.

At around 06:30 (it honestly felt like 30 seconds later!) I was woken up by the sound of tiny footsteps thundering across the landing.


Normally my response is “Daddy’s tired, give me 10 more minutes”

Or even more likely,

“Grab your iPad sweetie, and don’t forget your headphones”

But not today, today is a snow day.

Once upon a, not so long ago, my midweek day off was 6 blissful hours of peace and quiet while the youngest was at school. I could read, play video games, go for a run or meet friends.

Not anymore.

Now it’s a constant battle with a stubborn 7 year old where I feel like we clash on even the mundane things.

Our once peaceful living room is now a battleground.

But not today, today is a snow day.

When presented with breakfast cereal I received a “thank you” instead of “I wanted the chocolate ones!”

And when asked to brush her teeth she smiles and said “ok daddy”

Clothes were picked out without tantrum, hair brushed without question.

At 9am we were at the dining room table with the laptop open ready to start our schoolwork, no complaints. Normally I’d be met with cries of “I’ll do it after the zoom call!”

But not today, today is a snow day.

At 10.00 we were front and centre ready for the lesson to start, Elli with a smile as wide as the screen is sat bolt upright, arm thrust in the air.

“Good morning class”

“Good morning Miss” reply several voices that sound like feedback through the laptops tiny speakers.

“Is everything ok Elli?”

“I’ve finished my work Miss”

“You’ve already done your English?”

“Yes Miss, and my maths and science”

“Wow that’s amazing, well done Elli”

“Elli, if you’re all done you don’t have to stay on the call if you don’t want to?”

Elli throws me a hopeful glance..

“We’ll stay on the call Miss” I reply from just out of view.

I still want her to maintain as much social interaction as possible in these times. For the first time today a frown starts to appear, a frown that would ordinarily lead to confrontation after the call.

But not today, today is a snow day.

After the call is over we have lunch, wrap up warm and get the sledge from the garage. Today is one of the rarest of days. A day when an unexpected downpour of snow, aligns with a dad’s day off from work, and a 7 year olds desire to play.

Today is one of the greatest daddy daughter days.

Today is a snow day.

A veteran of many console wars. Rescuer of princesses, Slayer of demons, Drinker of tea.

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